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A log store is a great feature for keeping all your fire logs organised and tidy in one handy location in your garden, patio or yard.

We've tracked down the best prices around for log stores from leading UK outlets including World Stores, Amazon, Garden Trading, Morale Garden Furniture, Greenfingers, Argos and Waltons.

We also feature a range of other products including log chests, splitters, carriers and baskets.

                              Read more below about buying a log store for your garden

A great way to keep your wood in one dry unit outdoors

Log or timber storage units are booming in popularity as more and more families opt for the benefits of having a warm and cosy ‘real’ fire in their homes.   

A good store or chest will be made from timber and have ventilated sides, back and base as the idea is that they encourage good air movement around and between the logs to dry them out and keep them dry.

A small and cheap wooden store will cost around £60 to £100 but you can expect to pay more for a top quality large or extra large store.

Before purchasing a wood storage unit it is advisable to decide where to position it and measure the available space - these handy stores are available in a range of sizes including small, medium and large.

The site in your garden or patio should be in a well ventilated area and it is recommended that the ground below is treated to prevent weed growth. A gap of a couple of inches should be left at the back to help air flow too.

Ensure that your choice of store not only looks good but is made from solid timber as it will need to remain secure and capable or holding several tonnes of logs.

A well angled roof and slight overhang will ensure that rainwater drains off and away from your wood. Most stores come in easy to assemble flat packs which require little more than a screwdriver to put the unit together.

Some stores also come with a storage shelf - or several shelves - which can be very useful if you want somewhere to store kindling separately but space may dictate whether you have a shelf or not.

The other item that many people overlook when planning their log burning stove is a basket for bringing the logs in daily and keeping a smaller supply of wood by the fire.

This is essential as it prevents having to go out in adverse weather to bring in more wood - good practice is to bring in at least as much as you will need for the evening early on.

The most popular and generally best solution for this is to buy a strong, purpose built log basket.

These are normally made from willow or wicker and as they are specially designed for this purpose are both strong enough and large enough for the job.

They also look the part giving a rustic, farmhouse feel to the hearth. The vast majority of stores are made from pressure-treated wood but you'll find a few made from metal, reinforced plastic or even wood effect timber.

A log shelter falls under the category of utility furniture and if a must-have structure if you burn wood in an open fire or wood burning store in your home. They truly are the best way to keep all you wood organised and easily accessible during the cold winter months and, of course, they are great space savers.

Your logs can be stacked up high and stored by size, rather than having them piled up in a disorganised bundle in the corner of your garden or patio area.

By keeping you wood dry and aerated in a wood shelter, you actual save energy as damp wood wasted a lot of energy when you start burning it - and that's most appealing in these times when many people are trying to be environmentally-friendly and attempting to take energy-saving measures.

A log shelter will help season your wood for better burning

A log store also help the seasoning process of your wood so it will eventually burn easily and give off maximum heat. Nature takes its course in your garden and allows your logs to dry and season naturally.

A good flow of air helps this process so it's advisable to position your shelter when it gets plenty of wind and breeze. It should also positioned so that it faces south to allow your wood to get plenty of sunlight.

Most stores have a base which is elevated to minimise the of damp from the ground reaching your wood and also a lower panel at the rear which lets moisture escape.

Many stores can be delivered to your home pre-built while others consist of a kit which can be easily assembled if you have basic DIY skills.

Some people wonder about their environmental impact of burning logs but when you bear in mind that they are replacing heat that would be generated by the burning of fossil fuels in power stations, as long as the wood is sourced responsibly (look for the FSC mark of sustainability), they are no more damaging to the environment than conventional heating.

Remember that it is important to look after your wood and keep it dry. Wet wood does not burn very well, giving less heat and more smoke and also deposits more gunk in the chimney. Burning damp wood is uneconomical and a waste of money and will give you a fire that is more stressful than pleasurable.

A log storage rack and wood basket will help avoid this problem, saving you time and money and meaning you can put your feet up and enjoy a glorious crackling fire in your home.

We also feature a range of electric and manual log splitter products to enable you to split your timber into manageable sizes.

There has a rapid rise in sales of log stores in the UK in recent years as more and more families opt to buy a log burner fire as an alternative way to heat their homes.

Rising fuel bills and a desire to be more environmentally-friendly has prompted many families to invest in log stores and wood burning stoves and fires.

Burning wood with a log burner is not only renewable and sustainable, but far less damaging to the environment than some other heating sources.

Trees absorb carbon dioxide as they grow, thus removing it from the atmosphere - however, when when wood which has dried and seasoned in a log store is it releases a similar amount of carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere.

Burn logs in your home and cut down on your heating bills

Today’s log burners are designed to be extremely fuel efficient and this, coupled with the relatively log cost of logs, could  be a shrewd way to help reduce your heating bills. These savings are only going to become more beneficial as the cost of fossil fuels keeps rising.

Log burners will not only heat your home but many are capable or heating your water as well, so they are a great alternative to expensive gas and electric.

Whether you live in a country cottage or a modern house, there is a log burner for you. They range from the traditional country style burner to those with a contemporary design and appearance.  

Log burners are the ideal solution if you are looking for a cheaper, more efficient and more stylish heat source for your home.

If you already have a wood burning stove in your home, you will know the importance of having seasoned logs readily to hand, especially during the chilly winter months in the UK.

Obviously you can't chop down a tree every time you need some wood for your wood-burning fire or stove, so the alternative is to buy a log or wood so you have a supply just when you need it.

A log store really is a simple, practical and convenient way to ensure you always have fire wood to hand.

A log store really is the ideal way season your wood naturally. When seasoned after a few weeks or months, your logs will burn much more slowly and produce an impressive amount of heat.

Another great benefit of seasoning is that it will significantly reduce the amount of smoke and fumes produced as most of the moisture in the logs will have been removed. Using recently-felled wood in a burner just doesn't make sense.

Burning damp or unseasoned wood is not only very uneconomical, but the steam produced when the wood is burned can condense on a cold flue, and prevent the wood burning stove from reaching it’s correct operating temperature.

It is possible to buy more expensive pre-seasoned logs - but if you own a log store it makes a lot more sense to do it yourself and save money into the bargain.

Some people have invested in a log store after finding out how much it was costing them to buy ready-to-burn hardwood kiln dried logs from timber yards and other suppliers. Kiln dried logs are often ash, beech, hornbeam and oak - however, buying these is an expensive option. It usually makes financial sense to purchase a log store which will save you money in the long run.

Most people with a garden, yard or patio area can find a suitable breeze to position a log store up against a wall or fence. It's a wise more to start storing your logs in the summer months so they have plenty of time to become dried out and season in time for the cold winter months.

Always remember to stack your logs loosely in the log store - try to ensure you don't to pack them too close together or they will take even longer to season.

If you own a log store, it's a good idea to treat yourself to a log basket. They can be kept indoors beside your fire and can be loaded up with enough logs to keep you going for a day or two. It saves you having to keep popping outside in the middle of winter to get a fresh supply of logs.

Log baskets are sturdy, durable and come in assorted shapes, sizes, and styles as well as a number of different materials to allow home owners to choose one that best fits their needs and their home décor. Popular choices of material are wicker, wood, aluminium, nickel, graphite, brass, bronze, steel, pewter and cast iron.

You can choose from extremely rustic looking baskets for a farmhouse or older-style property to elegant and sophisticated looking baskets for a more modern house.

Basket are available to buy in a range of sizes to hold anything from half dozen pieces of timber to more than 30 logs. A cheap log basket will cost around £20 to £30.

Some log storing baskets also come with matching poker, shovel, and brush set so you can keep your wood stove or fireplace cleaning supplies together in one place.

We hope we’ve provide you with enough information to highlight the benefits of owning a log store?

If you're looking for the ideal wood storage solution - look no further than a log store, a superb accessory for stacking logs and other timber outside your home.

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Compare UK prices for a Garden Log Store

Keep all your fire wood in a tidy log store

We have an excellent range of quality wooden log stores.

Wood stores - like those for sale here - are perfect for stacking all your logs in one place in your garden - ready for burning during the cold winter months.

We have an impressive range of storage units from leading UK garden accessory shops including Greenfingers, World Stores, The Garden Furniture Centre, Wilkinson, Asda, Argos, Tesco, Garden Trading, Waltons, Amazon, Ebay, Smiths Nurseries, B&Q, Screwfix and Wickes.

With energy prices constantly rising more and more people are looking to install real fires and log burners in their homes.

This is an excellent idea in terms of both saving money and creating a really cosy, welcoming feel to a home.

Obviously there is more to consider than just the installation of a fire or burner and it is important to plan all aspects of the transition in advance.

One very important thing you will need to consider is the supply and storage of the fuel and a log store is a crucial part of this.

A  store is a purpose built shed - often open-fronted but some stores have a door or shutter - designed to store logs neatly and protect them from the elements all year.


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